The First Year On A Friday

Life’s trials seem to move slowly. One grows weary as they pass. But our lives are but moment, and not long, do they last. The tests that one goes through, we endure, and not succumb. But they are not worthy, to be compared, to the glory, that will come. *

via It Moves Slowly — Lantern Words  I watched in pain as my daughter moved to the world of the unknown. I have spent the past year in pain but today the #Lantern Words are here to give the joy of the Lord’s promise and His words. To God be the glory.IMG_0081


WWOW: Achieving Autonomy — WysJoyFul Company

I am very joyfully speaking about the autonomy (independence) of driving to see family in a 24 hour turn around. This is wonderful for me to gain this achievement after having my vision of self, soul and spirit restored. I am also thanking my cousins Brenda and Charlie for their beautiful gifts of hospitality. So […]

via WWOW: Achieving Autonomy — WysJoyFul Company

I am going to stay here today because I want a new focus for my image of service and  my ability to share #SurvivorWOW.IMG_2127