WWOW: Blogger Meet and Greet #5

Fruit of the Spirit for Wy

Blogger Meet and Greet #5.

via WWOW: Blogger Meet and Greet #5. I am in such a procrastination puddle  with writing and the project I had reset the date to finish by July 1, 2015 is in the clouds so I will post the picture of a thousand words.


WWOW: P is Praying And Participating

Today I just wanted a prayer place as I was remembering Fathers

WysJoyFul Company

I discovered that when I wake up at 01:30 am CST and have the urge to pray, read and write, I am missing a great opportunity to participate in Blogging A to Z Challenge. I still don’t think I have the Ping Back routine so if you can tell me how to properly pull it off, please do so. I am pursuing a picture  as a close to my goal of seven or more Ps in one post. #Peace, WyIMG_2082

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WWOW: She Wore Red at The Beginning of Her Journey.

I attended the “Homegoing Celebration” of a young lady of 102 years old. I did not know her but I knew her family so I went as support to them. I work and consult as a grief journey facilitator and I am an ordained minister, so I pay attention to what people speak at these Homegoing celebrations. The Obituary read that she was proud and had a beautiful smile. It also told of how she received a letter of congratulations from President and first lady Obama for her 100th birthday. One lady talked about a man who came by where she lived just to see Mrs. M. smile. The thing that made me smile was the fact that she wore red since I enjoy looking at anything red, so I thought about her smile and her red dress and the fact that she had lived on this earth 102 years.  I also thought about what the Eulogist said about her ending one journey and beginning another one.  We are all just one step from ending this earthly journey but we who live in hope believe that we will go into the heavens to live with Jesus Christ . So this is my #WWOWIMG_0001

WWOW: Putting Overwhelmed Under My Feet

Yesterday has come and gone. I am awake knowing that I need to leave early to care for my GirlMic. There are no words to describe having to make choices when you are caring for two people who need you at the same time. I know that many people do this and so I just wanted to write a prayer for those who care. This is my (WysWaysofWellness) technique to sit in the presence of the Lord and His calmness as I  write/sing 100 words of Praise to conquer overwhelmed

Wy's Sky and Love Clouds for My Seventies at Nashville #TC2Summit
Wy’s Sky and Love Clouds for My Seventies at Nashville #TC2Summit


Putting the “Care” Back in End-of-Life Healthcare

Wy’s Ways of Wellness Sharing. Please stop and read!

Dr. Scott Morris

There was a recent segment on the PBS news that featured the daughter of my good friend and former Church Health Center board chair, Dr. Kenneth Robinson. His daughter, Dr. Maisha Robinson, is a physician at UCLA who is working with African-American clergy in Los Angeles to encourage their congregations to embrace the idea of palliative care at the end of life.

It is startling that only 8% of all African-Americans have a living will or are even open to discuss a plan that centers around how they will die. This compares to 45% of Caucasians. It is startling, but it’s also problematic.

The problem stems from our country’s poor track record of providing quality medical care to African-Americans. Historically, blacks were not offered the best medical care possible. The residual of “experiments” like the Tuskegee Syphilis Study is still prominent in many minds. The consequence is that many African-Americans…

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WWOW: Why Love Is The Word for Wy

wpid-img_20150607_060214.jpgToday was an anniversary for me that did not mean anything to anybody but me. I celebrated 35 years in the church that I joined in 1980. I was sitting here thinking about how I had been blessed to celebrate the month of May everyday with a special event with family blends and friends. I wanted to remember the days with gratitude, I photographed some of my cards with all the love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness written in them. I even realized the importance of patience and self-control also found there. Yes I see love in.the “Skies of My Seventies”