Another Mother’s Mourning

In my quest to write today as I prepare to attend another daughter’s transition and comfort another mother, I pause to honor the love of a mother. It has been a year and 24 days since my #GirlMic took flight and it was another sleepless night as I imagined the pain of this mother preparing for her final earth goodbyes. This week has been an up and down travel week as I put prayer in place for those who hurt. I joined the “Legacy Connection”  as I continue to pursue wisdom. We are all in position and a place of grace.


Good Morning

This is my sign that gives me the peace and #WWOW so thanks for your beautiful pictures that I can add to my memories of my GirlMic Leslie

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Butterfly (1)

Nothing special, but it was an experimental shot to see if I could take a photo of a butterfly on the other side of the garden in my buddleia bush with my new long distance lens, and it seemed to work quite well. This butterfly was probably on its last days as the wings were looking quite tattered. I recognise most of the local butterflies, but this is not in my category of known names.

I did not have so much luck with my blackbird. There is a pair that visit the garden every morning. Sometimes you can snap a photo before they fly away, but more luck than anything else, and not a close up. This morning I spotted the male of the species (he is completely black with a yellow beak, the female more brown) and so I immediately got my camera with the attached 300 lens to…

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It Is Your Birthday Forever

I have just returned from a private day party where my children, SonD, GalVal, grand girlP and great grandgirl KEB and I sent balloons into the air as we celebrated the Date of Birth of my daughter Leslie. I remember not going last year when it had only been 12 days but seeing that my sonD had gone and placed a balloon and took pictures. We decided this would be an annual reflection and memories event It as amazing to see  my family smile and remember her. I wanted to put this birth day in pictures and prose as we remembered.


WWOW: Let Lasting Love Lift Away Loneliness

wp-1473049408215.jpegOne year ago we stood at your grave to say good-bye. I could not have imagined the loneliness of not having you present always. I have worked to stay joyful and move forward with my reading, writing and speaking. I remember things that have been hidden for many years and I cry or smile depending on my mood for the day. Today we celebrate  labor day and I know you would have already called to see what I would be doing. I just look into the skies and seek your beautiful face in the clouds to lift away the  loneliness.MicFlem05282015

Loving Leslie and Her Lifetime One Year Later


Feel free to add your floral photo to the comments. This way we can all enjoy everyone’s flowers. Qi (energy) hugs Cee

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