WWOW: Wys Spread in Your True Colours Radio and Magazine April 2015

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http://issuu.com/yourtruecolours/docs/april_2015 This issue features my story as a Rocking Role Model. Pleas check it out. I am in Gratitude for the opportunity to be featured with a four page spread beginning on page 97. This is for my journal of Memoirs, “Skies of My Sixties.”

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WWOW: Wy Wy? Where Do I Go From Here?

I have had a beautiful Butterfly Flight this week. I completed my photo shoot @Mgballarddesigns.com and got the “Women Who Rock and Role” spread in the Magazine @Your True Colors . I am now working on how to share it in my blog.I am in gratitude for the opportunity and so my questions in the title are my prayer and meditation for today. I work to do 100 word blogs for my discipline and delight so this one will be easy as I am remembering the Proverb 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” I smile and ask Why Wy?


11am CST: At The Altar / 12pm CST: Wy’s Ways Of Wellness 02/19 by Finding My Way With Kayla Padgett | Christianity Podcasts

11am CST: At The Altar / 12pm CST: Wy’s Ways Of Wellness 02/19 by Finding My Way With Kayla Padgett | Christianity Podcasts.

Today my #Friend and Fellow Servant Dorothy died and I am listening to a blogtalk show that I hos  and I just learned how to

Wy's Ways of Wellness

share the session on “An Attribute A Day Keeps the devil away by ECatherine Pearson of

WWOW: I Have to Give Up and Out as I Grow Up

I am awake at 02:38 and I am listening to a sermon with the title Lord don’t ask me to do anything else

WysJoyFul Company

Well, Well, Well, Today I met with a consultant who uncovered my procrastination. I have to give up some of my time if I am to finish the project that I have assigned to my self. I decided that if writing really is a therapy for me , then I need to move to another page in my playbook. It is now 01:00 and I need to start my getting some sleep and so I post this #Photo101 as my inspiration to write my book based on the last ten years of my life events and experiences, . Giving up is hard to do!IMG_0011

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WWOW: Why I must Fly Away for Awhile

I met with my Book Consultant and as we started to fit the puzzle of my book together, I discovered that I had been flying from one project to another like a buzzed out Butterfly and had fallen behind on my writing the required pages.. I have really enjoyed getting the wisdom and knowledge I gained from so many bloggers in one place. As I write this, I am feeling blessed so I want to see if I can tone down my urges to see what is written and respond to each one immediately. When I look at my Stats, I know I have benefited from this great group of “Lights of  Writers. Here is my #Photo101 and #blogging101 event and experience to show the Seven sights and sounds of a “Better Butterfly and writer since January 1, 2015.wpid-img_20150313_061404.jpg

How Many Times

Thanks to Jessica Edouard and #Send Sunshine for the soul stirring word to send to all the soul searchers in this season.

How many times have I called after my children, “Be good.”  In every day we must make good choices, do good deeds and be a good role model.  All the while knowing this act of will comes with little reward.  There will be pain and obstacles in being selfless.  The kind hearts often bear the brunt of pain and unjust.  And it is true – perfection is not an achievable perception – but there is an attainable goal in being that kind person through and through: The gift we give our self by being thus – dignity – and this = self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect.

I come to you with open arms in my quest to send sunshine; my highest attribute that can never be taken from me is…“I am a good person,” and I pray for many that will be enough.

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Mirrors: When I See Blessings I Think Butterflies, When I see Me I See Amazing Grace

I am starting to feel my #SweetSeventy pre-glow so I am reminded of my Seven Sights and Sounds for Wellness that I started on January 1, 2015. I was thinking of having a grand celebration but I am rethinking this today. Today I will just look in the mirror and give praise for getting so close with so many blessings before me.  I am in my “Pursuing Participation” which is #4 of s#7 of Go and Grow Goals..IMG_0043

WWOW: First Things For Favorite Findings

I found my favorite spot to send up a smoke signal for help this morning. I spent most of my day using my inside voice of restoration on Sunday. I was not surprised when I woke up at 02:00 and did not feel like I would be returning to a sleep session soon. I am writing because I should take this time to pray for the prevention of procrastination; Obviously this is not what is happening. I will see if doing a #Photo101 and #Blogging101 interaction will be enough intervention to stop this scene..

I just opened one of my many devotionals, “Speak to Your Life” by Lady Shaunte Garret whch I won from the Donnie McClurkin show on March 23, 2010 so this is my Mantra for today’s work:

I think Love, Joy Peace will find Kindness,Goodness and Patience while letting the favor of Faithfulness and Gentleness be the center for Self=Control. #WysWaysofWellness IMG_0040