When Birthdays Blessings Become Thanksgiving Day

I had a good day yesterday as I completed my Blogtalk Radio Show and felt better than the last 7 days because of a sinus infection  I am thankful and ready for this new Decade and new Action Plan. I looked at my birthday cards and they all had love written somewhere on the card. I talked to my children and they asked how do you feel. I said, “Thankful”  I have set a goal this month to write some 100 word blogs  and I have been successful. I see that I have 67 followers to WysjoyfulCompany and so this is Thanksgiving day! 11040609_1624022647852689_3078186703869695876_o


WWOW: Remembering Wy’s Ways of Wellness One year Later

Featured Image -- 5I want to thank Charlana Kelly for giving me the fire of inspiration to host my own show with Kayla Padgett on Finding my Way. Thursday May 28, 2015, I will host my 9th Show  with my guest Marlene Foster. I have had the opportunity to interview Church Health Center Faith Outreach Coordinator Katrina Kimble, Authors Emma Pearson, Michael Holtz, Dawn Marie Westmoreland, Mary Patton, Megan Mottley, Dell Self, TV and Radio Media Personality Patrenna Singletary and today will be Entrepreneur and Safety Advocate Marlene Foster. This happened because I went to support my WY Light Kayla  at the Loretta McNary event. This is my #WysWaysofWellness memory on this last day that I will be in the Age Change 69 and the scripture that I chose as my #SurvivorWOW inspiration is: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law – Galatians 5:22-23

WWOW: Who Are You and Who is Your Great Pretender?

Today I reposted this picture as I prepared the agenda for My “Wy’s Ways of Wellness” program on Identity Theft, Safety and I am sure I will discuss Five Wishes and Advance Life planning.  I compared this picture and the one that was posted because of the charges from BB ‘s family of foul play. Because I try to stay in a “5 Why Zone” with my focus, I ask the question, Why do we act this way and do you know who would be your great pretender? You can join the discussion at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/findingmywaywithkaylapadgett/2015/05/28/11am-cst-at-the-altar-12pm-cst-wys-ways-of-wellness. WWOW: LOL @wysjoyfulcompany



WWOW: The Prayer and Oil Opportunity

I am in awe of how my prayers to Jehovah Jireh are sometime answered within a 24 hour’s span.  One of my morning “asks” during my meditation is to let me touch someone to give them comfort. This was my Sunday experience recently when I was able to join in a prayer and oil opportunity. I write this as my “Wy’s Ways of Wellness” journal entry and blog because I just wanted to give God the glory for all the things He is teaching me about His grace being sufficient in all things.  This is a picture of worship in MVBCWWy in Worship with Hands lifted 2nd row middle minister08102014

Weekend Edition – The Secret of Creative Space Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

This is for the dark times as I search for the light to finish writing my devotional.

Live to Write - Write to Live

Your writing needs more than time. It needs space.

space nebulaThere is never enough time to practice your art. You are forever battling against the many demands life puts on the precious hours in your day, fighting for your creative life. You eventually learn that you’re never going to simply find the time, you have to make the time, stealing a few minutes here and a few minutes there. Making choices in order to make art.

So you work hard to carve out pockets of time for yourself. Maybe you get up a little early, or stay up a little late. Maybe you forgo an hour of television, or learn to work amidst the chaos of children who haven’t yet gone to bed. Lunch breaks, waiting in line, your public transport commute – you commandeer these moments for your creative crusade. Each day you wrest another small bit of…

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WWOW: My Corner, My World of Wellness

IMG_0046I am sitting at my computer in a daze of decisions to write or not to write. I have had a great week with church, new stuff, new friends and  a wonderful guest on my Online Radio show. I still feel some melancholy as I know that in 14 days I will be in another decade of my life. This is my picture to document Mother’s day before church and dinner with my family and now I realize that I am blessed to have my corner and my world of wellness. Well, I am in a “Twas Grace” Frame of mind.