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My son, Doug is celebrating another birthday today. He now moves to the number 54. We were discussing his birthday and I explained that he was born at 07:11 and he said that is a good number. When I think about it, all birthdays and all numbers are good. I am blessed to be the […]

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WWOW: The Wellness Touch of A Friend

We had just completed our  B/P monitoring. We also discussed how we are in a stressful environment. We looked at how we could better serve and use our gifts.  We discussed ways to be better at self-care and getting our selves in a healthier zone. We finished and I had taken my own B/P and found it was high. I left thinking I really needed to get better control. My friend came by,  touched me and said, “I think about you and love you. I am praying for you.”IMG_0045 I honor Brenda for the blessing on the church parking lot.