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WWOW: 03:00 and 9 More Days of 70

It is the 03:00 hour and I see this fan that my GirlMic Leslie’s friend brought back from Spain. He presented it to me at the time of her funeral and home going celebration. He said that he had promised to bring her a gift. I sit here feeling very lonely and so I am writing my “Doing Something Different” segment on the page I have dedicated to her memory. These 100 words are sometimes the way that my prayers are answered as God helps me through the night. I believe the Word from Psalm 40 that He will lift me up today.



WWOW: When Wednesdays and Wellness Works!

This picture is about http://www.FindingMyWayChannel.com radio online program for Thursday February 11, 2016 at 12noon. Call 356.850.8560 and listen and tell us  about your love of wellness and how being fit is loving your “Self, Soul, and SpiritIMG_0031FindingMyWayPrayerAndAdvisoryBoard2015

WWOW: Saying Fare Well ON A Wednesday!

I am stepping back from spending many hours on WordPress. I heard my husband say. “Do you realize how much time you are spending not writing on your book?  I received a relevant revelation as I am sitting here when I should be preparing to say fare well to my friend and to participate in her homegoing celebration aka Funeral Services. I will add media of my house of memoirs and my Survivor Wy picture and close up. I want to thank each person who gave me wonderful vibes and great reading material.  It feels good to be here with you.IMG_0060wpid-wp-1425867905299.jpeg

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (34)

This day has an unbelievable turn of events. Melanie is the 7p-7a nurse. She has been a wonderful nurse since we were first admitted to ICU. Leslie has had her trach collar on since morning and tolerating it well. Dr Shermer visits at 11:10pm and we begin to discuss PEG tube options. The nightmare started on August 25, 2015 at 03:35 when suddenly Leslie’s B/PIMG_0006 dropped and a Levophed drip was started.  She had emergency x-rays  and we discovered that her Platelets count and other Laboratory values had dropped.  My scripture for this day ‘s reading is  found in Psalm 25 and I pray.

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (6)

We start our day listening to shift change reports as the nurses discus the high and lows of B/P and Lab values. I speak to her as I wipe her face and touch her lips with water. She has no smile and her eyes open when I call her name. The doctors tell me of her need to start new medications for the  abnormal reports. By the end of the shift, four doctors have been in and they discuss her heart, kidneys, lungs, and leg  ulcer and the diagnosis “Flash Pulmonary Edema.”

When God Says No ' His Grace Says Go
When God Says No ‘ His Grace Says Go

WWOW: She Wore Red at The Beginning of Her Journey.

I attended the “Homegoing Celebration” of a young lady of 102 years old. I did not know her but I knew her family so I went as support to them. I work and consult as a grief journey facilitator and I am an ordained minister, so I pay attention to what people speak at these Homegoing celebrations. The Obituary read that she was proud and had a beautiful smile. It also told of how she received a letter of congratulations from President and first lady Obama for her 100th birthday. One lady talked about a man who came by where she lived just to see Mrs. M. smile. The thing that made me smile was the fact that she wore red since I enjoy looking at anything red, so I thought about her smile and her red dress and the fact that she had lived on this earth 102 years.  I also thought about what the Eulogist said about her ending one journey and beginning another one.  We are all just one step from ending this earthly journey but we who live in hope believe that we will go into the heavens to live with Jesus Christ . So this is my #WWOWIMG_0001

WWOW: The Prayer and Oil Opportunity

I am in awe of how my prayers to Jehovah Jireh are sometime answered within a 24 hour’s span.  One of my morning “asks” during my meditation is to let me touch someone to give them comfort. This was my Sunday experience recently when I was able to join in a prayer and oil opportunity. I write this as my “Wy’s Ways of Wellness” journal entry and blog because I just wanted to give God the glory for all the things He is teaching me about His grace being sufficient in all things.  This is a picture of worship in MVBCWWy in Worship with Hands lifted 2nd row middle minister08102014

WWOW: Writing When V is For Victory

When I sat down to the computer to work on a chapter to be used in my book, I saw at least seven things to take me away from writing. I opened one of my devotionals and this is the scripture I read. Psalm 9:1 I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart; IO will tell of all your wonders. God has given me all the sources and resources to complete this goal so I am feeling confident in the Way and Will He sets me up to achieve a chapter today. He gives me Victory Blogging from A-Z. IMG_0040