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Another Day To Don the Wy Wings

It is now the early hours of the morning and I just listened to an inspiring speaker say that “We all have and will have our ups and downs.” I just got in the bed to practice falling asleep and discovered it was not the time or place. I moved to my blog that is dedicated to my GirlMic Leslie. The butterflies carry some of the names who are prayer intercessors and I said I would count them as others count sheep. I have set a 03::00 goal to go again to bed but I thought it would be a good time to count the people who are helping me get through another day. I decided to double my words of thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for the opportunity of another day to don my wings.

The definition I have chosen is, “ruminate is Figurative. to think or ponder; meditate; reflect.” Today I experienced a muted moment of prayer as I listened to a group of prayer warriors give praise reports and prayer requests. I have chosen to make this observation in response to the prompt: ruminate. I am working to […]

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WWOW: Saying Fare Well ON A Wednesday!

I am stepping back from spending many hours on WordPress. I heard my husband say. “Do you realize how much time you are spending not writing on your book?  I received a relevant revelation as I am sitting here when I should be preparing to say fare well to my friend and to participate in her homegoing celebration aka Funeral Services. I will add media of my house of memoirs and my Survivor Wy picture and close up. I want to thank each person who gave me wonderful vibes and great reading material.  It feels good to be here with you.IMG_0060wpid-wp-1425867905299.jpeg

WWOW: Service and A Sign of Gratitude

After we celebrated Palm Sunday, our Pastor asked us to take the Palm leaf home and keep it until Resurrection Sunday. I placed it in one of my lamps and when I passed by, I thanked God for all trees in the Woods. I recently read a scripture in Titus 3:1-2 “Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men.  I am remembering with  #Gratitude the continued healing for our family trees.IMG_0070

Remembering GirlMic/Leslie’s Laughter

It has been 2 months and 30 days since my GirlMic/Leslie died and  I received this card with beautiful words of comfort.   I  also played a recording I have on my phone of her distinctive laughter as I read the words of  the scripture on the card from Nate Hatfield of NPAF. IMG_0047

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (31)

My day at my GirlMic/Leslie’s bedside begins at 4:30 pm.  She is getting more platelets. We are blessed with visitors Lisa, Corliss, Silas and Dr Shermer came in around 11:30pm.  Her nurse Nicole started her 7pm -7am shift. She always talks in such a kind way when she comes in and calls Leslie’s name and while doing every assessment and treatment. I spend a great deal of time reading the Psalms and praying because it is one of the hardest times to sit at the bedside and not see the progress that you have always hoped to see.  I encourage myself.wpid-img_20150225_145853.jpg

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (2)

IMG_0007According to my journal notes, I was working on my presentation to the Missionaries about the “Joyful Mission of Wellness.” The session was to be about  serving through Prayer, Presentation of Purpose, Positioning, Perspectives and Promises. and this is what I wrote; Well = Prayed up, Well = Purpose, Well= Perspective and Well = Wonderful Eternal Light and Love.

When I walked into room 312, I could not even imagine that I would be living in this nightmare Wilderness. My Daughter was now intubated, sedated and could not speak. The first 24 hours was so full of hope and optimism from the nurses and doctors.

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (1)

I am sitting here 70 days from the start of our wilderness experience and Leslie being intubated. I can still hear the nurse say “get the cart, I think she is crashing.” I stared at the nurses who seemed to come in from everywhere. One minute earlier my daughter handed me the cough drop back and I saw her struggling to get her breath between the coughs. I asked the nurse if I should call her husband and she nodded yes. They asked her sister and me to step out and we returned to the wilderness in  ICU that  lasted 40 dayswpid-wp-1440306602395.jpg

WWOW: The Friends and Fellowships of GirlMic/Leslie

IMG_0009Today one of GirlMic/Leslie’s best friends from school called. She was upset about the fact that her brother had called to ask why she did not attend the the funeral. She did not know of her illness or death and she could not say anything else before breaking down in tears. Her mother got on the telephone as I explained that Leslie had been in a sedated state since being intubated and I did not know her password to her cell phone. Leslie and her friend had been in fellowship for forty years and this was to be no more.