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Laughter: Book Beginnings And Book Ends

Laughter for healing and healing laughter as a ministry is my “The Ways Wy Was” focus. Today I begin a 12 day saga of Challenges and Choices. Have you ever been asked the question, “What makes you laugh?” I woke up with this on my mind as I read my focus scripture. I started my day thinking about the life and death of my GirlMic, Leslie and what she did that would make me smile.  Since I am writing a 100 word saga series, I have to measure my words into capsules. The capsule today is my working through the sadness wilderness.  IMG_0289


40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (31)

My day at my GirlMic/Leslie’s bedside begins at 4:30 pm.  She is getting more platelets. We are blessed with visitors Lisa, Corliss, Silas and Dr Shermer came in around 11:30pm.  Her nurse Nicole started her 7pm -7am shift. She always talks in such a kind way when she comes in and calls Leslie’s name and while doing every assessment and treatment. I spend a great deal of time reading the Psalms and praying because it is one of the hardest times to sit at the bedside and not see the progress that you have always hoped to see.  I encourage myself.wpid-img_20150225_145853.jpg

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (17)

MercedatouchGraceforgriefbiopage12282011I am thinking about some words I used as I remember our family  having to pray for grace in our grief as we pinned words to honor Merceda’s memory. I wrote down monitor readings such as B/P = 149/104,  HR = 115, Sp02= 99 RR=32. Leslie is being treated with antibiotics and antivirals. This is one of those precious three days when she was off the ventilator and we were all buzzing around her bed trying to hear the words she whispered and give her what she needed. The speech therapist did the swallow test and told us that she was not ready for food.

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (13)

AVFOT Radio Program May 28th at Noon Central with guest Wyvonia HarrisI called Greg with the news that they had been unsuccessful in the attempts to wean GirlMic/Leslie from the ventilator. I reported the good news of her monitor readings. I met her RT Shannon who was such an encouragement to me as I watched her talk to Leslie in her sedated state. She moved her equipment and did her assessments with a gentleness that helped me through this dark time. I told her of Leslie being trained and working as a RT at the Med Hospital before going into the Navy. I was her voice in the wilderness this day.

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (9)

?????????????????????????????????????Another unit of Blood for the H/H of 7.4/21.3,  a change in Blood thinner  and the Doctors and Nurses are in and out of the room doing what they call assessments and reporting to me their findings. We have started the routine where one doctor walks in and tells me about how the part of GirlMic/Leslie that he or she is responsible is improving. Her PCP say he is waiting on the Respiratory team to say when we can start the challenges.  I walk over to Leslie and hold her hand and kiss her but she is still sedated and asleep.

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (2)

IMG_0007According to my journal notes, I was working on my presentation to the Missionaries about the “Joyful Mission of Wellness.” The session was to be about  serving through Prayer, Presentation of Purpose, Positioning, Perspectives and Promises. and this is what I wrote; Well = Prayed up, Well = Purpose, Well= Perspective and Well = Wonderful Eternal Light and Love.

When I walked into room 312, I could not even imagine that I would be living in this nightmare Wilderness. My Daughter was now intubated, sedated and could not speak. The first 24 hours was so full of hope and optimism from the nurses and doctors.

WWOW: The Prayer and Oil Opportunity

I am in awe of how my prayers to Jehovah Jireh are sometime answered within a 24 hour’s span.  One of my morning “asks” during my meditation is to let me touch someone to give them comfort. This was my Sunday experience recently when I was able to join in a prayer and oil opportunity. I write this as my “Wy’s Ways of Wellness” journal entry and blog because I just wanted to give God the glory for all the things He is teaching me about His grace being sufficient in all things.  This is a picture of worship in MVBCWWy in Worship with Hands lifted 2nd row middle minister08102014