WWOW: Who Are You and Who is Your Great Pretender?

Today I reposted this picture as I prepared the agenda for My “Wy’s Ways of Wellness” program on Identity Theft, Safety and I am sure I will discuss Five Wishes and Advance Life planning.  I compared this picture and the one that was posted because of the charges from BB ‘s family of foul play. Because I try to stay in a “5 Why Zone” with my focus, I ask the question, Why do we act this way and do you know who would be your great pretender? You can join the discussion at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/findingmywaywithkaylapadgett/2015/05/28/11am-cst-at-the-altar-12pm-cst-wys-ways-of-wellness. WWOW: LOL @wysjoyfulcompany




Seven Shouts to the Skies in Wysjoyful Company! Seeking Wellness

#Photo101 I am on a side trip on my journey celebrating life. Each morning I go out and gaze at the sky and imagine angels who have been there protecting me while I slept. It is fun to watch the neighbors look up into the sky when they see me looking up. Today I share my skies with you.by adding the sky for today but I see the moon and angel still in place. What a joy to know that In all things , I am still covered by #Gratitude and #Grace #Blog101 @wysjoyfulcompanyMore October Skies of my Sixties 003IMG_0004