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40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (22)

GirlMic is getting Blood and also Platelets. I see that GalVal has put a different head cover in place. This is a bond between two sisters who are both career “hair entrepreneurs.” I sit by the bedside and read the hymn, “All The Way My Savior Leads Me”  by Fannie Crosby. John and Chrissie are her nurses today. Doctors and Threlkeld and Deaton are telling us that  she has to be stronger and everything is on hold. It is now 14:40 and Skip and Bev are here at her side. This is our blessing that  we have been waiting to come.IMG_0009


40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (19)

IMG_0008Today is a very difficult day physically and emotionally. Nurse Chrissie is here.  Dr Kraus and his nurse Debbie is here. Brenda and Douglas called. It is now 3pm and we go back into the cold dark day of Leslie having to go back on the ventilator. She has struggled and is now requiring 2 units of blood and platelets. I am concerned with the dark stools and a distinct odor of GI bleeding. I ask about this change since she is requiring blood.  I leave her with Greg, Robert and Valerie at 5:30 pm and I am  praying for her restoration.

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (17)

MercedatouchGraceforgriefbiopage12282011I am thinking about some words I used as I remember our family  having to pray for grace in our grief as we pinned words to honor Merceda’s memory. I wrote down monitor readings such as B/P = 149/104,  HR = 115, Sp02= 99 RR=32. Leslie is being treated with antibiotics and antivirals. This is one of those precious three days when she was off the ventilator and we were all buzzing around her bed trying to hear the words she whispered and give her what she needed. The speech therapist did the swallow test and told us that she was not ready for food.

WWOW: Setting Wy’s Wellness Table

Wy’s Ways of Wellness RadioBlog:

I have been invited to participate in Mt Vernon Church Annual Missionary Conference in two weeks. I am preparing for the presentation with a head and heart full of memories of our event last year. I am a member of the organized missionaries and as I consider where my passion and compassion for wellness has brought me, I think of our Ruth Circle Leader, Sister Dorothy Ford.

I really thought I would not be participating in this year’s conference, “Missionaries Empowered Through Compassion and Love to serve God’s People” because I would not be getting the call from Dorothy saying, “What do you want to present?’ But I did get the call asking me to present a session, so I sit here working on the presentation, “The Joyful Mission of Wellness. When you read this, I hope you will reply with what you would bring to a table of wellness if you got an invitation?

My contribution to the Wellness table is the Fruit of The Spirit.WysFruitfromDouglas05292014

WWOW: Putting Overwhelmed Under My Feet

Yesterday has come and gone. I am awake knowing that I need to leave early to care for my GirlMic. There are no words to describe having to make choices when you are caring for two people who need you at the same time. I know that many people do this and so I just wanted to write a prayer for those who care. This is my (WysWaysofWellness) technique to sit in the presence of the Lord and His calmness as I  write/sing 100 words of Praise to conquer overwhelmed

Wy's Sky and Love Clouds for My Seventies at Nashville #TC2Summit
Wy’s Sky and Love Clouds for My Seventies at Nashville #TC2Summit


WWOW: Why Love Is The Word for Wy

wpid-img_20150607_060214.jpgToday was an anniversary for me that did not mean anything to anybody but me. I celebrated 35 years in the church that I joined in 1980. I was sitting here thinking about how I had been blessed to celebrate the month of May everyday with a special event with family blends and friends. I wanted to remember the days with gratitude, I photographed some of my cards with all the love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness written in them. I even realized the importance of patience and self-control also found there. Yes I see love in.the “Skies of My Seventies”

WWOW: Remembering Wy’s Ways of Wellness One year Later

Featured Image -- 5I want to thank Charlana Kelly for giving me the fire of inspiration to host my own show with Kayla Padgett on Finding my Way. Thursday May 28, 2015, I will host my 9th Show  with my guest Marlene Foster. I have had the opportunity to interview Church Health Center Faith Outreach Coordinator Katrina Kimble, Authors Emma Pearson, Michael Holtz, Dawn Marie Westmoreland, Mary Patton, Megan Mottley, Dell Self, TV and Radio Media Personality Patrenna Singletary and today will be Entrepreneur and Safety Advocate Marlene Foster. This happened because I went to support my WY Light Kayla  at the Loretta McNary event. This is my #WysWaysofWellness memory on this last day that I will be in the Age Change 69 and the scripture that I chose as my #SurvivorWOW inspiration is: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law – Galatians 5:22-23

WWOW: The Prayer and Oil Opportunity

I am in awe of how my prayers to Jehovah Jireh are sometime answered within a 24 hour’s span.  One of my morning “asks” during my meditation is to let me touch someone to give them comfort. This was my Sunday experience recently when I was able to join in a prayer and oil opportunity. I write this as my “Wy’s Ways of Wellness” journal entry and blog because I just wanted to give God the glory for all the things He is teaching me about His grace being sufficient in all things.  This is a picture of worship in MVBCWWy in Worship with Hands lifted 2nd row middle minister08102014