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40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (30)

Another 2 units of Blood today. Nurses Nancy and Charlotte start the day off in emergency mode as they discover that Leslie’s blood sugar is 30. The visitors include Pastor Brandon Blake, Patty Williams, Pat Davis, Robert and GalVal.. The Doctors include Drs. Town, Muir and Kraus. This was a day of roller coaster feelings as I was concerned about the facts that there seemed to be very little progress with getting her off the ventilator and the Doctors were back to just discussing their specialty and not Leslie’s whole wellness or prognosis. It was helpful to share Leslie’s life story today.Featured Image -- 80

WWOW: Why W is Silent in Wy but Not in Why

When you see the letters A to Z, do you think of someone who  begins their name with the letter? I have letters in my name that range fro A  to Y.

Today I was so full of “Why Wy ” as we entered the new doctor’s office armed with medical records that reflected 30 years of diagnosis and treatments. I thought about my presentation on wellness and this blog. I have explained that WWOW is Wy’s Ways of Wellness and that had been my focus and mission in recent months.

I chose the title of my Annual Missionary conference presentation and thought I would place it here as I prepare to do my outline discussing why mission is a part of wellness and how we seek joy as we work within our mission. My session is dedicated to my Ruth Circle Leader and friend, Dorothy Ford  who died in March and always asked me to participate in this conference for the last 20 years. I was honored to be asked by our next missionary leader.  This picture has the elements of wellness and now I just have to explain “Why. There must not be a silent Wy!

“The Joyful Mission of Wellness”IMG_0008

WWOW: The Society of Ministering And Meditation

IMG_0001This is a photo of my Healing Cover with scriptures and Words of Wellness that I started to collect in 1998 . I also present this as a part of my Wy’s Ways of Wellness speaking events and online radio program.! I spent some of the time reading them as my #InspiredGratitude.

On day two of my twelve day “Saga Challenges and Choices,” I woke up to prophecies being delivered  as double rainbows and my need to make changes. I have decided that I must spend time listening more than ever as I conquer the fear and  fast forward for the ministering.

WWOW: The Awesome Act of Resurrection

Psalm 96-12-13 Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice Before the LORD: for He cometh, for He cometh to judge the earth: He shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with his truth

This morning when I rose, I did not have any doubt. How often do we use these words as a way of giving God the glory. Why is this our declaration of thankfulness of how Jesus Christ died, was buried and then He rose? This is just one occurrence that we talk about when we speak of our Resurrection Sunday. I have spent some times reading the Psalms as I look at the awesome acts of resurrection. The Psalmist shows us this in many of the scriptures.

This morning when I rose , I began my day with Psalm 96.12-13.  The words opened my thoughts to Jesus and His marvelous gift of sacrifice.  I believe that we can find Jesus from Genesis to Revelation and throughout are the acts of Resurrection. Why do I choose to call them acts of resurrection? Acts are defined as to execute, carry out, accomplish, serve and achieve. I see all of these as examples of why Jesus came down from heaven but did not come down from the Cross.  We are able to rejoice each morning with each new rising sun and our own rising from sleep. This is a testimony of praise for me to be able to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch, so this begins my praise for the day.

This morning when I rose, I found that like the Psalmist in 95: 6, I was able to “worship and bow down.”  I received my blessings to begin the day and this again gave me the opportunity to believe in the Saving Power that came from the Holy Word of Jesus being raised up and ascending to heaven.  This is our model of the Godly happiness that the Psalmist gives us. Paul also said in Philippians 2:6, “Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. What an exclamation of love we are able to share daily. I  just want to run and encourage others with these words.  This will forever be my song of praise as I remember the awesome act of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior each time I rise because “ He Rose, He Rose, He Rose.

WWOW: When The Sun Shines
WWOW: When The Sun Shines

Photo101 WWOW: My Big White Snow Elephant

I have so many snow pictures but this White Elephant was found outside my door and I named him Wellness. I needed to work on my task of talking to the elephant in the room as I searched for a way to tell my snow story and there he is. I have to believe my Family Blends and Friends when they tell me  that I have a big bold imagination. wpid-img_20150309_130743.jpg

WWOW: A When We Come Together To Give

IMG_0009IMG_0005This is my Friday Friend and Follow-up post as I remember the Blue we wear for my Friends who are Surthrivers of Colorectal Cancer  and I celebrate my third show where the theme was “Positioning Perspectives and Promises”  I have enjoyed the many emails that have been generated because of my #Blogging101 and #Photo101 endeavors. I have a goal to complete this writing in 70 words and two pictures. Wellness, Wy

WWOW: In #Gratitude For and With Solitude!

More October Skies of my Sixties 003Sometimes I will go out into the garage and do some prayerlifting exercises. It is not that I cant find a spot in the house but in my garage I start my journey of the  day asking the LORD to “Order My Steps.” I then walk outside and look up because I know where my help comes from daily . I look for the sun and the moon. This moment of solitude I saw the moon coming around the clouds and I knew there was a “Brighter Day Ahead” So I have covered several prompt from my #Blogging101  and #Photo101. #WWOW