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A Grounded Tree and a Beautiful Sky

A tree in my neighborhood was cut down and as I went to do my morning picture of the new day Skies, the picture of this tree being on the ground caught my eye. The situations of life are like trees and sometimes it is best for them to come down so that the beautiful Sky can be enjoyed from a different view. I am feeling blessed today as my Day 7 with 52 days LTC before the #AgeChange70..  IMG_0066

WWOW: Why I must Fly Away for Awhile

I met with my Book Consultant and as we started to fit the puzzle of my book together, I discovered that I had been flying from one project to another like a buzzed out Butterfly and had fallen behind on my writing the required pages.. I have really enjoyed getting the wisdom and knowledge I gained from so many bloggers in one place. As I write this, I am feeling blessed so I want to see if I can tone down my urges to see what is written and respond to each one immediately. When I look at my Stats, I know I have benefited from this great group of “Lights of  Writers. Here is my #Photo101 and #blogging101 event and experience to show the Seven sights and sounds of a “Better Butterfly and writer since January 1, 2015.wpid-img_20150313_061404.jpg