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40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (1)

I am sitting here 70 days from the start of our wilderness experience and Leslie being intubated. I can still hear the nurse say “get the cart, I think she is crashing.” I stared at the nurses who seemed to come in from everywhere. One minute earlier my daughter handed me the cough drop back and I saw her struggling to get her breath between the coughs. I asked the nurse if I should call her husband and she nodded yes. They asked her sister and me to step out and we returned to the wilderness in  ICU that  lasted 40 dayswpid-wp-1440306602395.jpg


WWOW: The Signs and Symptoms of Ministry

When I started Nursing School in 1967 and Seminary in 1995, I started to pour the disciplines of nursing and ministry into a bottle of medicine that I felt would help heal the hurts of selves, souls and spirits.  I looked around and 48 years had passed so fleetingly. I have started to write for my wellness. Today I need sight, sound , smell, taste and touch to make a spirit call. I am looking for the signs and symptoms  of  beautiful skies to cure my “need to get out of the house and enjoy the first spring in 51 years without my GirlMicLeslie.


GirlMicLeslie 2015