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Remembering GirlMic/Leslie’s Laughter

It has been 2 months and 30 days since my GirlMic/Leslie died and  I received this card with beautiful words of comfort.   I  also played a recording I have on my phone of her distinctive laughter as I read the words of  the scripture on the card from Nate Hatfield of NPAF. IMG_0047

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (40)

When we started our day at 06:35, we listened to the song , “It is Well.” We realized the significance that GirlMic/Leslie had IMG_0008been in this silent scream for 40 days. Her  body had diminished but her soul and spirit had produced 40 silent sermons to all whom entered ICU Wilderness 312. Her Nurses Ariel and Bree and RT Cynthia cared for her and we played music, “Take Me To The King” and “I Can Only Imagine” while praying. Her visitors were Valerie, Doug, Robert, Lynn, Silas, Greg, and me. We held her, kissed her and shared how we loved her. GirlMic/Leslie’s Sermons are Completed!

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (39)

07:35 Greg and I sit at Leslie’s bedside and watch as Chrissie and Dr Walker starts their assessments. Dr. G. Kraus comes and gives us a “Litany of Compassion For the Sick” writing and she is given her freedom from the ventilator. The room is full of family and staff as we sing, pray and play a a Daryl Coley song, “Can’t tell It All.” Chrissie starts a MS drip and we are blessed to see her breathing on her own. Dr. K.L. Bryan starts the Hospice Care admission arrangements. I left Greg and GirlMic/Leslie so they could spend time together.IMG_0006

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (38)

07:00 ! walk in to find Nurse Zach moving quickly as he gives me the news that Leslie has GI bleeding. She has required Platelets and Blood. Dr. Kraus and Omer visited and Nurse Chrissie started her shift.

08:15 I start to sing aloud. “I need you to survive.”  Si, Doug, Greg, Valerie, Ann and Jerome are here.  We are told of the critical nature of this new complication. More family members, Glenise, Ken, Corliss, Lynn, Pat, AJ, Chris Hill and Pastor Holloway are here. We pray and play healing songs. We read Psalm 117. She is not responsive but I see a tear.   .IMG_2118

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslies Last Days (37)

07:00 and our day started with nurse Sarah with a smile which is the name I gave her the first day she cared for my GirlMic. Dr Kraus said that he is in favor of getting the PEG tube and transferring to a Rehab. Today her Platelets are 6 and her B/P is 97/72. I decided to read a scripture to her from Romans 8:28. Dr Walker came and said that her condition is complicated and we needed to look into plans for Leslie’s care. Dr. Muir will start IMG IVs to “jumpstart” her platelets. It is 5pm and her beautiful eyes are open.wpid-img_20150707_175520.jpg

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (36)

We start today with Nurse Alex, Dr Threlkeld and Dr. Walker. GalVal and Robert are here. GirlMic has active bowel sounds and the feedings are resumed. We smile as she is opening her eyes to our calling her name. Dr. Kraus and his office nurse Debbie came also. Debbie shared how she enjoyed Leslie and I remembered Leslie telling me that when she called the office, Debbie was helpful and immediately responded to her needs for many years. We laughed about her thick files because she had been a patient so long.  I am glad to see Nurse Nicole back.IMG_0043

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (34 Continued)

07:00 I read Psalm 52 as Leslie’s B/P drops to 65/40. Dr. Threlkeld says, “she may have developed sepsis.” I look at her and say, ‘My GirlMic/Leslie is in a silent scream.”  It is 08:15 and I am visited by a Congregational Health Navigator and Chaplain who comments that Leslie has been in ICU for 34.8 days. He asked about our plans for the future.  It is 6:33 pm and I listen to John W. Smith on a program called “Faith Now” where he spoke of “Rest, Addition, Extension and Deliverance.” I pray, ” Thank God for miracles” as I sit in silence praying and writing stories.IMG_0081

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (34)

This day has an unbelievable turn of events. Melanie is the 7p-7a nurse. She has been a wonderful nurse since we were first admitted to ICU. Leslie has had her trach collar on since morning and tolerating it well. Dr Shermer visits at 11:10pm and we begin to discuss PEG tube options. The nightmare started on August 25, 2015 at 03:35 when suddenly Leslie’s B/PIMG_0006 dropped and a Levophed drip was started.  She had emergency x-rays  and we discovered that her Platelets count and other Laboratory values had dropped.  My scripture for this day ‘s reading is  found in Psalm 25 and I pray.

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (33)

00:35 and we are in the cold wilderness of ICU and with more complications. Dr. Muir is here and tells me the WBC is better but the platelet count is 15. Leslie receives another round of Platelets. She is having more coughing and some bleeding from the tracheostomy. Angela is 7a nurse. I leave to get rest and Silas and I return at 6:30pm. It is 11:15 pm and I ask, “Lord God , may I have my GirlMic back?”  I receive a call that Silas has fallen so I leave to take him to ER for x-rays. Thank God  for no broken bones.wpid-wp-1423774904508.jpeg

40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last days (32)

Leslie’s Day with me started at 05:19. I was told that her Platelets are 21. She is tolerating her feedings at 30 cc/hr. Dr. Muir comes in at 07:10 and we  discuss “waiting to see” today.  Dr. Sutpute orders more Platelets. Nurse Melinda and RT Nick start their 7p-7a shift. I prepare to leave for the day and  I read the scripture, 1st Samuel 10:1 Then Samuel took a flask of oil and poured it on his head, and kissed him and said: “Is it not because the LORD has anointed you commander over His inheritance?” I kissed her head and anointed it with oil.

When God Says No ' His Grace Says Go
When God Says No ‘ His Grace Says Go