Good Morning

This is my sign that gives me the peace and #WWOW so thanks for your beautiful pictures that I can add to my memories of my GirlMic Leslie

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Butterfly (1)

Nothing special, but it was an experimental shot to see if I could take a photo of a butterfly on the other side of the garden in my buddleia bush with my new long distance lens, and it seemed to work quite well. This butterfly was probably on its last days as the wings were looking quite tattered. I recognise most of the local butterflies, but this is not in my category of known names.

I did not have so much luck with my blackbird. There is a pair that visit the garden every morning. Sometimes you can snap a photo before they fly away, but more luck than anything else, and not a close up. This morning I spotted the male of the species (he is completely black with a yellow beak, the female more brown) and so I immediately got my camera with the attached 300 lens to…

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