Wy’s Ways of Wellness: Being Left Behind

This is a picture of my #GirlMic/Leslie going on a cruise so I wanted to add it to remembering her beautiful life. I love the way my prayers are answered to help me as in Psalm 30:10

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I was sitting at the airport as some of my family boarded an airplane to go on a cruise and I felt very left behind. I decided this picture  would help me tell the story today of how we sometimes forget to “Serve The Least” and how easily we leave them behind in our daily journeys.This is the focus of our Sunday School lesson from Matthew 25. I found this is a #WysWaysofWellness play to connect the #blogging101 writing and to share the reading for today. IMG_0003

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Remembering GirlMic/Leslie’s Laughter

It has been 2 months and 30 days since my GirlMic/Leslie died and  I received this card with beautiful words of comfort.   I  also played a recording I have on my phone of her distinctive laughter as I read the words of  the scripture on the card from Nate Hatfield of NPAF. IMG_0047