40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (35)

Reblog to Series as Day 35

WysJoyFul Company

The days are filled with people talking to my silent GirlMic. They include Doctors Denton and Aycock, Nurses Sarah and Zach  and RT Kathy. The lab counts include Platelets 7, H/H 22/7. Today we “wait” for bowel sounds after the diagnosis of an ileus from the reading of the KUB X-rays. I listen to a Phyllis Hyman song, “Be Careful How You Treat my Love.”  I am continually reading the Psalms and praying because my Leslie has no response to verbal stimuli when I call her name.  I just keep putting her yellow sponge ball in her hand and speaking love always.wpid-wp-1430091950703.jpeg

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