40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (24)

It is now 06:30 and I smile because her eyes are open and she formed the words “Good Morning.” Stephanie and Jennifer are her nurses and the doctors Threlkeld and Kraus visited. I was uplifted to talk to my MVBCW Sunday School Sister, Mary as we prayed our mothers’ prayer. This is another day of blessings. Pastor Watkins called and I informed him of her need for blood donations. Leslie tolerated seven hours of pressure support. As I prepare to leave for today, I thought about this being a good day for my GirlMic/Leslie and I am grateful to the LORD.Wy's Joy filling SFAMs  and Shout Abouts


40 Silent Sermons: GirlMic/Leslie’s Last Days (23)

Sometimes I just send my mind to a place where I am at love, joy and peace. I need to get this to the series.

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The GI test is completed. The doctor said “A small tear aggravated by colon tube.” Skip ans Silas are here. Leslie has more eye opening but she is unable to tolerate the pressure support and weaning exercise.  Doctor visits and he says, “we are waiting on lab levels to get better.” Her platelets are 11 and she is requiring more buttons of Platelets. Her Platelets did rise to 135. She is requiring constant care so I am glad that she has Nurses Nancy and Ashley caring for her. I am praying that she is not in pain.

Leslies IVs and Blood L  Leslies IVs and Blood L

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