Farewell to a Friend

I reblogged to my http://www.wyswoods.wordpress.com because I enjoyed walking and remembering my daughter who died September 1, 2015 and I use every opportunity to honor her legacy.

Study God's Word

I always write these posts the night before I post them, so I’m sitting here, at 9:30 p.m., at my computer deciding that I’m going to step away from my normal routine.

We went to the memorial service of a friend of over 40 years’ standing.  He died of pancreatic cancer a couple of weeks ago, and the family wanted to make sure all the relatives who needed to travel would be able to enjoy the service.

The church auditorium was full. I’m guesstimating maybe 500-600 people were there tonight.  Lots of family, lots of friend, lots of friends who were like family.  It was really like a big family reunion, and it was wonderful.  Of course there were tears,  Rich was a kind man, gentle in his manner but very strong in his faith and practice. His children adored him, and he and Diane were married for just over…

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