Journaling: There are times life gets hard..we have to press onward.

Journey.........Love Live Wellness.

There are times life gets hard, we get down….we have to be committed to our process; and press onward…to our forever peace.

I will say it started in May.

Feelings that I thought I had learned how to deal with became live and vibrant again. How could this be? How could I inspire everyone around me with my words and support them in love and positivity, but now I am in another emotional turbulence.

How could it be that I felt like such a loser, and pity on myself…AGAIN? God no way could this be real, because I have all the tools, and I have learned how to pray about anything. I also KNOW my truth in Christ Jesus! My deliverance. So then, why God does this stuff hurt again?

One thing through this process that I have learned is that sometimes the enemy will creep in on us, and…

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