WWOW: She Wore Red at The Beginning of Her Journey.

I attended the “Homegoing Celebration” of a young lady of 102 years old. I did not know her but I knew her family so I went as support to them. I work and consult as a grief journey facilitator and I am an ordained minister, so I pay attention to what people speak at these Homegoing celebrations. The Obituary read that she was proud and had a beautiful smile. It also told of how she received a letter of congratulations from President and first lady Obama for her 100th birthday. One lady talked about a man who came by where she lived just to see Mrs. M. smile. The thing that made me smile was the fact that she wore red since I enjoy looking at anything red, so I thought about her smile and her red dress and the fact that she had lived on this earth 102 years.  I also thought about what the Eulogist said about her ending one journey and beginning another one.  We are all just one step from ending this earthly journey but we who live in hope believe that we will go into the heavens to live with Jesus Christ . So this is my #WWOWIMG_0001