How Many Times

Thanks to Jessica Edouard and #Send Sunshine for the soul stirring word to send to all the soul searchers in this season.

How many times have I called after my children, “Be good.”  In every day we must make good choices, do good deeds and be a good role model.  All the while knowing this act of will comes with little reward.  There will be pain and obstacles in being selfless.  The kind hearts often bear the brunt of pain and unjust.  And it is true – perfection is not an achievable perception – but there is an attainable goal in being that kind person through and through: The gift we give our self by being thus – dignity – and this = self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect.

I come to you with open arms in my quest to send sunshine; my highest attribute that can never be taken from me is…“I am a good person,” and I pray for many that will be enough.

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