WWOW: This Is The Time of Preventing Procrastination

I am just in a zone to do #W4W before the #reblog and #blogging101 gets out of the today into yesterday #WWOW

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I decided to review my life through writing and compiling some of my journal entries. My first journaling entry I still treasure was written in 1994 but I decided I wanted to leave my family my journal writings from 2005 to 2015. Yes I have been Procrastinating for several years and one of my goals this year is to complete this “Go and Show” Goal by May 29, 2015.

So here is my one picture for a 10 year span. I found my journal that has entries from May 29, 2005 with pictures so I am ready to start. Well, Well, Well, it is time to Prevent Procrastination.


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