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This is a LIVE shot of advocacy and aspirations to tell my story by Listening.  #WysWaysofWellness
March 19 , 2015 I was very surprised when I went to get an annual Wellness check and the Dr said he had not heard of the screening lists that we discussed on TV. so Old School still exists


Very Inspiring Blogger Award – The art of giving & receiving

Thoughts and things ...

very-inspiring-blogger-award I am humbled to have been noticed and appreciated with this award and I thank Helen for taking the time to notice my blog.  My blog is in it’s infancy and as such I don’t think there is enough content to be worthy of any sort of an award but in the spirit of learning and growing I realise that there is more to receiving an award than the receipt of it.  There are rules that go along with the receipt of this and most awards.  In other words, it’s not enough to say thanks, post the award and move on!  No! The fact is that this award like others I have seen, requires action.  I have to admit, my first inclination was to politely decline the award.  That would have been much easier….

The fact is, there are benefits for choosing to accept the award just as there are benefits…

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18 Quotes to Inspire Writers, Bloggers–Everyone.

This is a helpful blog as I continue to use your writings as aresourcr. I am in #gratitude


The guy that came up with the Positivity campaign has a problem as he sits here and begins typing. He needs to think of something to write about. Part of the beginning an article with an idea yet to be developed is be-wow-bloggerpressure to write an article that is specifically about a certain topic. I gave ideas for others involved to do if they wanted help thinking of something. I am contrary to myself at times. I wanted to do an article instead. I think I like to hear myself type. Now, here I am—writer’s blocked.

As I typed those last two words, the idea came to me. There is something that gets in the way of all of us at times. It keeps us from being positive as often as we could. Did you see the words be positive all of the time in that last sentence?

I may…

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Promoting Your Blog Posts

I need a appointment with this post so I will reblog for a re reading in the midnight hours when I am not asleep.


Promoting Your Blog Posts Guest Post for Reflections by Lysa from Welcome to My Circus How to Thoroughly Promote Your Blog Posts

Are you trying to increase your readership?  Lately, I’ve written a great deal about the value of networking.  However, in order to network, and network effectively, you need to know how.  As a teacher, if I want someone with extensive knowledge to extend my instruction, I call in a guest speaker.  Today, I have invited a guest blogger.

Enter Lysa Wilds from Welcome to My Circus!  I call Lysa the absolute queen of blog promotion.

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Introduce Your Blog

I am renewing my site and I appreciate this blog as a review .

A Momma's View

Hey everyone. I thought we can do round two of ‘Introduce Yourself’. Meet other bloggers here in the comments to this post. But please do not only share your blog’s URL… let’s take it a step further!

I just got nominated for the ‘Creative Blogger Award’ and I thought I might be a bit creative here and instead of nominating bloggers for this award, offer you all the opportunity to share your most creative blog post here. Yes! You decide which of your posts was the most creative and then you share it with all of us here. The first 20 to comment will be the bloggers I choose to be my nominees for the ‘Creative Blogger Award’.

Now go for it 🙂 And yes, of course you can share this post with your followers!

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