I’m am so Wycited! Thanks Elle

Finding Myself Through Writing

I’m excited. Are you excited? Snoopy and Charlie Brown are excited! Even though I’m not the tattoo artist she thought I was, thanks to tripleclicka I received my 400th follower on my blog last night and I slept through the whole thing. 😦 I’m on top of it now though!

Where did she find me? Through Julz of course on The Spare – A Place To Play! As Janice Wald mentioned to me in a comment this morning – “Networking is the answer to growth.”

Now tripleclicka (I would call her by name, though I didn’t find that info on her site – hint-hint) didn’t ask for this and I didn’t advertise it, but I’m going to send her a copy of  ‘Crossing The Line’ just as soon as she sends me her contact information. It’s the least I can do! You can get your copy of Crossing too if…

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WWOW: In #Gratitude For and With Solitude!

More October Skies of my Sixties 003Sometimes I will go out into the garage and do some prayerlifting exercises. It is not that I cant find a spot in the house but in my garage I start my journey of the  day asking the LORD to “Order My Steps.” I then walk outside and look up because I know where my help comes from daily . I look for the sun and the moon. This moment of solitude I saw the moon coming around the clouds and I knew there was a “Brighter Day Ahead” So I have covered several prompt from my #Blogging101  and #Photo101. #WWOW