WWOW: The Sound of Safety

#WWOW: I wanted to share my Seven Sights and Sounds to be revealed in #WysWayofWellness and http://www.FindingMyWayChannel.comFindingMyWayPrayerAndAdvisoryBoard2015

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My family tells the joke that I put my car in the garage in January until April every year. This is not completely true but since retiring after 43 years as a nurse and knowing that there are no snow days for the hurting, I try not to travel in snow and ice. I have three children and three grandchildren so I am always concerned if they are traveling . I was awake at four this morning because my son had to go to work at 4 am today. I was reading and praying as I visualized him on the icy streets and then at 6:30 am the telephone rang. Even as I ran to answer it , I got a sliver of fear. Then I heard his voice and it was a sound of safety. I said I am glad you called and not texted. I am convinced that beautiful…

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