Blogging 101: Switching Sites While In The Air!

I am working to build up a site I started 2 years ago within my main blog and would like to use it in #Blogging101 Book reviews. I would ask for help with this because one of my goals is to increase readers to this site. Do you all have any suggestions? http://www.wysjoyfulcompany.wordpress.comwpid-img_958505739540.jpeg

4 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Switching Sites While In The Air!”

  1. Do you intend to maintain two blogs or combine them into one? How does the focus of each blog differ?

    I wanted to use one as a focus for my speaking and consulting. Also I am not satisfied with my side bar appearance so I think that should be my focus or blogging201 so i appreciate any help the bloggers will share.

      1. I use pull down menus for my archives and categories to make my side bar less cluttered. I know we’ve been taught about blog rolls in the Blogging 201 class, but I try to keep my side bar simply. Play around with your widgets to decide what you like best. I go back and forth. Take your time.

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